Publications and Dialogue

1981Art Monthly No 47 House Construction Show, Review by Stephen Bann.
1981/83Contributions to internal dialogue and external papers developed by 'Group Proceedings' (an artist based grouping, which met to engage in theoretical and philosophical discussion in the context of constructive and concrete art).
1984/88Contribution to ‘Exhibiting Space’ dialogue and exhibitions: In particular the exhibitions called ‘Drawings’ and ‘On the concept of colour presentations’.
1986Art Monthly No 99 ‘Colour Presentations’: Published transcript of conversation held at the Gardner Centre, University of Sussex.
1987'Four Systematic Constructive Artists' – Catalogue Statement 'Observational Notes'.
1987'Paintings and Drawings' (with Nicole Charlett) – Catalogue Introductory Remarks and Statement.
1989'Complexions' Catalogue – Joint Artists Statement.
1990'Blank Page No 4', Exhibition and Publication of Prints, London.
1991'Constructivist Forum' Issue 10 - Publication of Prints.
1998'British Collection of Concrete and Constructivist Art', Forum Konkrete Kunst, Erfurt. Essay and Review by Eugen Gomringer.
2007FORUM KONKRETE KUBST ERFUT in Mainz, Germany KunstKonkret No 12 – article by John Carter on the influence of Richard Paul Lohse on younger British constructive artists.
20082008 'Constructed' 40 years of the UEA Collection, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts – Catalogue Statement.
2016'Eye and Mind' The Mercus Barn on line catalogue .
2016Conversation with Michael Parsons' published in Saturation Point .
2017 'Ground, Rules, Paintings: A Quartet', La Galerie Lycée Gabriel Fauré, Foix, Ariège Pyrenées.
2017'Le Salon des Réalités Nouvelles', Paris - Catalogue Statement.
2017'entr'acte : intermission', AbstractProject Galerie, Paris.
2017The Mercus Barn Collection .
2017/2018'Transforming Surfaces'.
On line catalogue
Conversation transcript